Snowy Mountains

  • State
  • Region Size
    23459.31 (Sq Kms)
  • Population
  • Largest Regional City
  • No. of Jobs
  • Median Weekly Household Mortgage
  • Median Weekly Household Rent
  • Region is known for
    Breathtaking alpine adventures
Data Source: Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains region is truly breathtaking. Experience majestic peaks, pristine lakes, and a unique alpine lifestyle. Here, you’ll enjoy the ultimate work-life balance, with ample career opportunities and a breathtaking natural environment to explore at your own pace. The Snowy Mountains offer outdoor adventures, community spirit, and a vibrant lifestyle, making it the perfect location to live a life with more.


People are the heart of all communities. Get a picture of Snowy Mountains by understanding the people who live there.

  • 35,647
    Estimated resident population (no.)
  • 44
    Median age - persons (years)
  • 22,011
    Working age population (aged 15-64 years) (no.)
  • 1,574
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (no.)
  • 4,227
    Persons born overseas (no.)

From small locally owned businesses to larger operations, industries in Snowy Mountains form an important part of the community.

  • 4,443
    Total number of businesses

A move to more means creating a better life for yourself. Gain insight into the job market in Snowy Mountains to assist in your decision-making.

  • 30,447
    Number of jobs (no.)
  • 769
    Median weekly personal income ($)
  • 4,443
    Total number of businesses

Discover the household make-up of those already living in Snowy Mountains to help you decide if this is the right region for you.

  • 15,330
    Total households (no.)
  • 2.3
    Average household size (no. of persons)
  • 946
    Median equivalised total household income (weekly) ($)
  • 1,322
    Median monthly household mortgage payment ($)
  • 278
    Median weekly household rental payment ($)

Have confidence that Snowy Mountains has the services you need to support your lifestyle. This is a vital step in your decision to move to more.

  • 6
    Number of Hospitals
  • 3
    Number of Airports
Moving to Snowy Mountains


Spectacular scenery

The region boasts elegant multi-bedroom, double-storey homes with breathtaking views of the Snowy Mountains or the famous Lake Jindabyne. Discover and explore the renowned Kosciuszko National Park, which houses Australia’s largest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquillity, or simply a chance to reconnect with nature, Kosciuszko National Park offers an unforgettable journey through stunning vistas, outdoor activities, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Living in Snowy Mountains


Adventure awaits

The Snowy Mountains region is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. In winter, indulge in thrilling ski and snowboarding adventures, or explore backcountry hiking, snowshoeing, and Nordic skiing. In the summer months, the region transforms into a paradise for biking, hiking, horse riding, trout fishing, and kayaking. You can even embark on a 13.5km round trip hike to Mount Kosciuszko, experiencing the beauty of the Main Range and beyond. The education here is also geared to the alpine landscape, with excellent schools offering a wide-range of winter sports and summer activities such as snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and hiking.

Best Towns to Live in Snowy Mountains


Community connection

Experience a strong sense of community in the Snowy Mountains. Residents are friendly, and with the region’s small size, it’s easy to feel connected and part of a close-knit community. Get to know your neighbours, local baristas, grocery store attendants, doctors, chemists, and school teachers. Enjoy the comfort and safety of this welcoming environment.

Towns of Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains offer charming towns like Cooma and Jindabyne. Each town offers something different, yet all embrace the unique beauty of the region and the lifestyle on offer.

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