So much more home for less

Regional Australia has a diverse range of affordable housing options waiting for you to call home. From apartments, townhouses, and units, to large family homesteads for your children to roam – you’ll be surprised by just how far your money will go in regional Australia.

The high price of housing in our metropolitan centres has pushed homeownership out of reach for many Australians. And those who can afford a home are often burdened with large amounts of debt. It’s time to realise your dream of owning your own home, and reduce your debt in regional Australia.

Our home here is amazing. There is absolutely no way we could’ve afforded this in the city, and it’s only 5 minutes’ walk away from work, school and the lake.

Affordability with a strong sense of community

In a recent survey, the top 10 affordable regional locations had a median house price of under $550,000 – half of Melbourne’s and a third of Sydney’s median house price in December Quarter 2021.

And while affordability is important, we know that being connected to a community is vital to your wellbeing and lifestyle. Regional Australia offers affordable housing in welcoming neighbourhoods that are steeped in community connection.

With the support of our official property partner, Domain, on Move To More you can search the more than 70,000 properties available right now across Australia. Your dream home is waiting for you!

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