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Right now, the bush needs doctors, architects, childcare professionals, nurses, engineers, builders, environmental scientists, graphic designers and more. Professional well-paid jobs with the chance to make a difference. Find the job that’s right for you. We’ve teamed up with our jobs Partner SEEK, to help you match your skills with your ideal regional town.

It’s Your Move!

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Regional Australia’s vibrant, welcoming communities offer you so much more.  Enjoy more opportunities, more connection, more space, and more time for what really matters.  Live the life you’ve dreamt of in regional Australia.


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Create a lifestyle that energises and inspires you in regional Australia.

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Explore Australia's Regions

Not sure whether you want a tree change or a sea change? Need to be close to an airport without the hustle and bustle of city living? Explore regions across Australia and find the community that best suits your new life.


Making the Move

Ready to make the move? From deciding on the right community and schools, to understanding the job market in your chosen location, there’s a lot to consider. We’re here to make your life easier with practical advice and tips to get you started.

Regional Mythbusting

Did you know...

Did you know that approximately 37% of Australia’s population lives in regional Australia?
Did you know that regional Australia provides employment for 1 in 3 working Australians?
Did you know that regional Australia is at the forefront of productivity in a number of industries, including healthcare and logistics?

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