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Regional Australia offers residents a life filled with time, space, career opportunities and meaningful community connections.

The ‘Move to More’ campaign has been developed to make those living in capital cities around the country more aware of the possibilities that come with a life in a regional town or city.



We’re not saying that life in the city is bad, but we are saying that life in regional Australia is very hard to beat. The campaign celebrates life in regional Australia, and in doing so, encourages people to seriously consider making the move.


Are you looking for more out of life?

More space

With nature on your doorstep and more space for you and your family to roam, regional life is better for your mental health.

More time

Fewer hours commuting to and from work, means you’ll spend more time connecting with the people that matter.

More for your money

House prices are a fraction of what they are in the mega-cities, so you can finally afford the home of your dreams.


About RAI

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) believes in a more prosperous Regional Australia, for the benefit of all Australians.

We are a think tank dedicated to conducting rigorous research projects to provide a clear picture of how dynamic, thriving and full of potential Regional Australia is. We aim to make our findings easy to understand and available for everyone to access.

We also establish and nurture relationships with regional leaders and corporate partners to create further opportunities that contribute to Regional Australia’s growth and development.

The RAI is an independent, not-for-profit organisation primarily funded by a combination of Commonwealth and State Government support.

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