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Speaking to the hearts and minds of city-dwellers

Move to More aims to inspire Australians to live, work and invest in regional Australia. From career, lifestyle and wellbeing, regional Australia delivers more of all the good things in life.

Move to More draws on research by the Regional Australia Institute that confirms a life in regional Australia is top of mind for thousands of city-dwellers who want more space, more family time and a better connection with the environment and their community. In fact, the research shows one-in- five were considering a sea-change or tree-change.

Moreover, more than two-thirds are considering moving were ready to do so within a year!

Instead of being exhausted on the weekend, I have energy to explore this amazing place and do things like rock-climbing, white-water rafting and hiking.

The top three factors driving people to leave the city life are:

  • Avoiding roads and traffic congestion (70%);
  • Reducing general stress and anxiety (69%);
  • Reducing cost of living (68%)

Move to More launched in 2021, with a national awareness campaign speaking to the regionally curious about the lifestyle, housing, career and community benefits of life outside city bounds.

Build your Best Life

Don’t settle for less – settle for more. Build your best life beyond the city.


Give your kids space to grow, and a chance to connect with nature.

Make a Name

Don’t wait for the next big thing. Take control of your future in regional Australia.

Ditch the Commute

Sick of battling through rush hour? Ditch the crowds, set your own pace.

Powered by the Regional Australia Institute

Move to Move is an initiative of the Regional Australia Institute. The Institute is the nation’s first and only independent think tank dedicated to building robust regional economies and a better quality of life in our regional towns and cities.

The Institute is guided by its vision of a future that is more balanced, more equitable, more sustainable and more prosperous.

A not-for-profit organisation, RAI is focussed on gathering and analysing the most accurate information on Australia’s regions and working with regional leaders to understand their challenges and identify opportunities for future development. RAI also works across all levels of government, providing them with independent, evidence-based advice and tools to help them make their regions even greater.

The RAI builds bridges between city and country Australians by replacing myths and stereotypes with facts and knowledge. The RAI’s purpose is to empower the regions!

RAI’s Move To More initiative is supported by  funding from the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.


We have made lots of new friends and explored some amazing new areas. The move to the region has brought our family closer and we really couldn’t be happier.


Our Partners share our passion for regional Australia and will make your MoveToMore seamless!

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The Move to More message is a celebration of all the best things about living in regional Australia.

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