• State
  • Region Size
    26251.06 (Sq Kms)
  • Population
  • Largest Regional City
    Sea Lake
  • No. of Jobs
  • Median Weekly Household Mortgage
  • Median Weekly Household Rent
  • Region is known for
    Rich farming heritage
Data Source: Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data


From sweeping plains, rich desert landscapes, and majestic mountain parks like the Grampians and Mt Arapiles, Wimmera’s landscape is spectacular. Renowned for friendly people and a relaxed lifestyle, Wimmera residents typically report a higher-than-average level of satisfaction with life – especially in the areas of community connection and participation. Blending farming heritage with a vibrant community spirit, you’ll experience diverse landscapes, thriving agriculture, beautiful Mediterranean climate, and a relaxed lifestyle in this idyllic part of Victoria.


People are the heart of all communities. Get a picture of Wimmera by understanding the people who live there.

  • 19,495
    Estimated resident population (no.)
  • 51
    Median age - persons (years)
  • 11,006
    Working age population (aged 15-64 years) (no.)
  • 312
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (no.)
  • 1,518
    Persons born overseas (no.)
Wimmera Adelaide Hills Population Statistics

From small locally owned businesses to larger operations, industries in Wimmera form an important part of the community.

  • 2,903
    Total number of businesses

A move to more means creating a better life for yourself. Gain insight into the job market in Wimmera to assist in your decision-making.

  • 15,497
    Number of jobs (no.)
  • 633
    Median weekly personal income ($)
  • 2,903
    Total number of businesses

Discover the household make-up of those already living in Wimmera to help you decide if this is the right region for you.

  • 8,777
    Total households (no.)
  • 2.2
    Average household size (no. of persons)
  • 752
    Median equivalised total household income (weekly) ($)
  • 704
    Median monthly household mortgage payment ($)
  • 165
    Median weekly household rental payment ($)

Have confidence that Wimmera has the services you need to support your lifestyle. This is a vital step in your decision to move to more.

  • 5
    Number of Hospitals
  • 3
    Number of Airports
Moving to Wimmera


Natural beauty

Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the diverse landscapes that surround the Wimmera. Explore the renowned Grampians National Park, home to abundant wildlife, stunning lakes, and cascading waterfalls. For rock climbing enthusiasts, the iconic Mt Arapiles awaits with its breathtaking views and cultural heritage sites. Delve into the captivating beauty of the Little Desert National Park and Wyperfeld National Park, where you can immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes.

Living in Wimmera


Room to grow

At the heart of the Wimmera region lies its farming heritage and thriving agricultural economy. Encompassing 10% of Victoria and covering 2.3 million hectares, the Wimmera region is dominated by broadacre cropping, contributing to a gross value of agricultural production of $691 million. Significant supporting services are required for the industry meaning you’ll find career opportunities across banking, finance, legal, retail, and machinery sales and servicing to healthcare, education, agronomics, and grains research and development.

Best Towns to Live in Wimmera


Life to live

The Wimmera region offers a relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle. Enjoying the region’s diverse activities, clubs, sporting opportunities, and events. Experience the convenience of major regional centres like Sea Lake, offering a wide range of shopping options, local boutiques, and dining experiences. With abundant outdoor activities, sporting facilities, and excellent schools, the Wimmera region provides an ideal setting to raise your family.

Towns of Wimmera

Discover charming towns with rich farming heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and a relaxed lifestyle in Wimmera.

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