The Murray

  • State

  • Region Size

    83873.59 (Sq Kms)
  • Population

  • Largest Regional City

  • No. of Jobs

  • Median Weekly Household Mortgage

  • Median Weekly Household Rent

  • Region is known for

    Farm-to-table cuisine
Data Source: Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

Map of Towns in The Murray

Discover The Murray

The Murray Region of NSW is a vast region where you can stretch out and enjoy a balanced lifestyle embracing the great outdoors. With excellent public transport connecting the region to major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, as well as linking towns within the region itself – commuting is convenient, giving you more time to explore everything this incredible landscape has to offer. The Murray’s diverse range of schools and universities, including Charles Sturt University and UNSW Rural Clinical Campus, ensures excellent education opportunities for all ages.


People are the heart of all communities. Get a picture of The Murray by understanding the people who live there.

  • 120,436

    Estimated resident population (no.)

  • 43

    Median age - persons (years)

  • 70,756

    Working age population (aged 15-64 years) (no.)

  • 4,766

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (no.)

  • 11,463

    Persons born overseas (no.)


From small locally owned businesses to larger operations, industries in The Murray form an important part of the community.

  • 12,628

    Total number of businesses


A move to more means creating a better life for yourself. Gain insight into the job market in The Murray to assist in your decision-making.

  • 91,881

    Number of jobs (no.)

  • 725

    Median weekly personal income ($)

  • 12,628

    Total number of businesses


Discover the household make-up of those already living in The Murray to help you decide if this is the right region for you.

  • 50,290

    Total households (no.)

  • 2.4

    Average household size (no. of persons)

  • 884

    Median equivalised total household income (weekly) ($)

  • 1,300

    Median monthly household mortgage payment ($)

  • 250

    Median weekly household rental payment ($)


Have confidence that The Murray] has the services you need to support your lifestyle. This is a vital step in your decision to move to more.

  • 10

    Number of Hospitals

  • 5

    Number of Airports

Moving to The Murray


To savour

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to The Murray’s culinary delights. Sustainable and organic farms are dotted throughout the area, and local chefs create sensational dishes using fresh, seasonal produce sourced from the region. Discover the exceptional boutique wines that the Murray is renowned for, with Swan Hill being a hub for wine enthusiasts. Join the vibrant Swan Hill Food and Wine Festival to savour the finest local wines and gourmet delights.

Living in The Murray


Making memories

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Murray River, Australia’s longest river. From fishing and kayaking to water skiing and paddleboarding, there’s no shortage of water-based activities to enjoy. Take a leisurely cruise on an old paddle steamer or venture into Murray Valley National Park and Thompsons Beach for breathtaking bushland experiences. Mungo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site is also right here on your doorstep. Spend your weekends doing more of what you love and creating life-long memories.

Towns of The Murray

Charming towns in the Murray region offer a tranquil lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. Enjoy a riverside life, indulging in farm-to-table cuisine, and embracing a welcoming community atmosphere.

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