• State
  • Region Size
    394024.58 (Sq Kms)
  • Population
  • Largest Regional City
    Alice Springs
  • No. of Jobs
  • Median Weekly Household Mortgage
  • Median Weekly Household Rent
  • Region is known for
    Spectacular landscapes
Data Source: Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data


In the MacDonnell region, life is enriched by the natural wonders and cultural experiences. This is a place where families can thrive, children can grow, and individuals can create a fulfilling and balanced life. With a resident population of nearly 10,000, the MacDonnell Regional is situated in the southern section of the Northern Territory, between 1,100 and 1,600 kms south of the Darwin CBD. Surrounded by Queensland to the east, South Australia to the south, and Western Australia to the west, the MacDonnell region offers a truly extraordinary way of living.


People are the heart of all communities. Get a picture of MacDonnell by understanding the people who live there.

  • 9,896
    Estimated resident population (no.)
  • 30
    Median age - persons (years)
  • 6,968
    Working age population (aged 15-64 years) (no.)
  • 7,275
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (no.)
  • 233
    Persons born overseas (no.)
MacDonnell Adelaide Hills Population Statistics

From small locally owned businesses to larger operations, industries in MacDonnell form an important part of the community.

  • 54
    Total number of businesses

A move to more means creating a better life for yourself. Gain insight into the job market in MacDonnell to assist in your decision-making.

  • 1,831
    Number of jobs (no.)
  • 299
    Median weekly personal income ($)
  • 54
    Total number of businesses

Discover the household make-up of those already living in MacDonnell to help you decide if this is the right region for you.

  • 2,288
    Total households (no.)
  • 4.3
    Average household size (no. of persons)
  • 465
    Median equivalised total household income (weekly) ($)
  • 856
    Median monthly household mortgage payment ($)
  • 75
    Median weekly household rental payment ($)

Have confidence that MacDonnell has the services you need to support your lifestyle. This is a vital step in your decision to move to more.

  • 11
    Number of Airports
Moving to MacDonnell


Connection to the land

Visit Standley Chasm, managed by traditional Arrernte owners, and take part in art workshops, bush tucker tours, and language classes. Experience the Ochre Pits, a significant site used by Arrernte people for generations to mine ochre for rock art and ceremonial purposes. And of course, a visit to Uluru, a magnificent monolith, is a must to delve into the richness of Indigenous culture and spirituality. The Alice Springs School of the Air, known as the “World’s Largest Classroom,” offers a unique educational experience that connects students across vast distances, fostering a sense of unity and understanding.

Living in MacDonnell


To explore

Immerse yourself in thousands of years of sacred culture, geological wonders, and diverse flora and fauna. Experience the awe-inspiring Larapinta Trail, a 223 km trail that winds through the MacDonnell Ranges, offering opportunities for unforgettable hiking adventures. Discover the majestic Mt Sonder, and its commanding views of the national park. Take a dip in the Ellery Creek Big Hole, an iconic waterhole along the Larapinta Trail, or bask in the tranquil beauty of Glen Helen Gorge, surrounded by stunning rock formations and bushland. Venture to Redbank Gorge, a picturesque swimming spot nestled at the base of Mt Sonder, offering the opportunity to swim through narrow pillars of sheer red rock.

Towns of MacDonnell

Embrace nature, vibrant communities, and diverse industries. Find your place in this unique and enriching lifestyle.

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