• State

  • Region Size

    10484.29 (Sq Kms)
  • Population

  • Largest Regional City

  • No. of Jobs

  • Median Weekly Household Mortgage

  • Median Weekly Household Rent

  • Region is known for

    Blend of industry and nature
Data Source: Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

Map of Towns in Gladstone

Discover Gladstone

Located on the picturesque east coast of Queensland, this region offers a unique blend of thriving industry and the untouched beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll discover a laid-back coastal feel in communities where families thrive and connections flourish. Gladstone is a sought-after destination for families and professionals seeking a lifestyle with more.


People are the heart of all communities. Get a picture of Gladstone by understanding the people who live there.

  • 64,304

    Estimated resident population (no.)

  • 38

    Median age - persons (years)

  • 41,677

    Working age population (aged 15-64 years) (no.)

  • 3,946

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (no.)

  • 8,429

    Persons born overseas (no.)

Gladstone Adelaide Hills Population Statistics

From small locally owned businesses to larger operations, industries in Gladstone form an important part of the community.

  • 3,914

    Total number of businesses


A move to more means creating a better life for yourself. Gain insight into the job market in Gladstone to assist in your decision-making.

  • 48,768

    Number of jobs (no.)

  • 758

    Median weekly personal income ($)

  • 3,914

    Total number of businesses


Discover the household make-up of those already living in Gladstone to help you decide if this is the right region for you.

  • 25,699

    Total households (no.)

  • 2.5

    Average household size (no. of persons)

  • 1,016

    Median equivalised total household income (weekly) ($)

  • 1,600

    Median monthly household mortgage payment ($)

  • 276

    Median weekly household rental payment ($)


Have confidence that Gladstone has the services you need to support your lifestyle. This is a vital step in your decision to move to more.

  • 2

    Number of Hospitals

  • 2

    Number of Airports

  • 1

    Number of Universities

Moving to Gladstone


Quality of life

Offering top learning and research institutions, Gladstone has excellent educational opportunities for all ages from primary schools and high schools, to tertiary education providers including Central Queensland University. With convenient transportation options, including an airport, cycling, and walking pathways, ferry services, and more, getting around Gladstone is a breeze. Experience the perfect balance of work, leisure, and natural beauty in Gladstone, a region where life is filled with endless possibilities for adventure and growth.

Living in Gladstone
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To do

Families in Gladstone always have something to do, with abundant free activities, sports facilities, and community services. Whether it’s swimming, touch football, soccer, cricket, or exploring the outdoors through motocross riding, 4-wheel driving, or enjoying the natural surroundings, Gladstone has it all. With a multicultural community made up of professionals, adventurers, fishing enthusiasts, and more, you’ll find yourself connecting to a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood.

Towns of Gladstone

From the historic towns of Calliope and Benaraby to the pristine beach communities of Boyne Island and Tannum Sands, Gladstone provides a range of residential options surrounded by stunning natural landscapes

More about Gladstone

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