nbn: evolving their network for regional Australia

From our Connectivity Partner, nbn

Discover the ways we’re continuing to evolve the nbn® network for those living in regional, rural and remote locations.

At nbn, we know that connectivity can open up a world of possibility – especially for those living in regional, rural and remote Australia.

What once may have been difficult (like attending specialist medical appointments) or even a distant dream (like starting an online business) can be made easier with the help of fast and reliable broadband.1, 2, 3

That’s why we’re continuing to evolve the nbn network across Australia to deliver a broadband network for homes and businesses that keeps getting better.

More devices = more data

Regional Australians are using more data than ever, with internet usage tripling and demand on our network set to grow more than 300 per cent in the next ten years, transforming the world and how we live.

So, how are we evolving our network to stay ahead of demand?

More fibre across Australia

Across regional Australia, we’re upgrading millions of eligible homes and businesses5 from copper-based connections to full fibre via Fibre to the Premises.

Why? Put simply, an nbn full fibre connection is nbn’s fastest and most reliable connection4:

And it’s not just some of our copper-based connections set for change.

We’re also working with government – local, state and Federal – to upgrade some of the communities currently in nbn Fixed Wireless and nbn® Sky Muster® satellite areas to full fibre.

This means, by the end of 2025, around 1.4 million homes and businesses across regional Australia will be eligible5 to order a full fibre connection via Fibre to the Premises from their chosen nbn provider.

Meet James from Cairns

James Hughes is one of many people living regionally and enjoying the benefits of upgrading to nbn’s full fibre.

Born and raised in Cairns, Queensland, James is a Business Development Executive at AirBridge Networks, a networking company specialising in connectivity in remote and regional Australia.

Often working from home – and with his wife and two daughters using the internet ‘quite heavily’ – James recently made the switch to nbn full fibre.

“I work from home quite a bit, so I’ve got a PC and office set up permanently. We’ve got a smart TV and a few other smart devices throughout the house, which are all connected.”6

Learning that nbn was upgrading the technology in his area, James got in touch with his preferred nbn provider – and soon found his upgrade underway.


“I contacted my carrier and asked to be put on the waitlist. Within a couple of days of it becoming available, they contacted me.”

After choosing the right speed tier for his family’s needs, James says they were up and running within about a week.

“The whole process took me probably about ten minutes on the phone to get upgraded. It was seamless and simple.”

And James’ advice to others thinking about making the switch to nbn full fibre and the right speed tier?

“I’d recommend upgrading your nbn services to fibre if you are eligible5 – it increases the reliability of the service, the speed and it’s just a better service all round.”6

Regional business fibre zones

For medium and large businesses located within 142 regional centres, like Geraldton (Western Australia), Roma (Queensland) and Port Fairy (Victoria), nbn is offering Enterprise Ethernet – our premium fibre access network, with the fastest nbn symmetrical upload and download speeds (up to close to 10 Gbps7).

It’s available through a choice of nbn providers with no up-front build costs8 from nbn when an eligible plan is ordered, and at our most competitive wholesale service pricing.

Plus, if your service provider signs up for a three-year Enterprise Ethernet plan, there’s no up-front connection costs charged to them by nbn.

nbn Enterprise Ethernet is really helping to level the playing field for medium and large businesses in regional centres, helping to ensure they’re not disadvantaged by their location and can compete on the world stage,” says Steve O’Rourke, General Manager – Business Products at nbn.

“It’s exciting to see businesses starting, growing and flourishing in regional locations with help from business-grade fibre.”

Port Fairy, Victoria

Faster speeds, too

It’s not just those eligible for nbn fibre upgrades that will benefit from faster nbn speeds on our evolving network:

nbn Fixed Wireless

We’re also expanding the reach and introducing faster, reliable speeds on nbn’s Fixed Wireless network.1, 2, 9

By the end of 2024, we plan to offer around 120,000 premises currently in the satellite footprint access to our Fixed Wireless network for the first time.10, 5

We’re also enabling faster speeds on the nbn Fixed Wireless network, including at the busiest times, and introducing two new wholesale higher speed plans designed to enable nbn Fixed Wireless customers to access wholesale download speeds up to four times faster than what’s currently available.

nbn has recently proposed improvements that, subject to consultation, would result in wholesale speeds1, 2, 11 close to double those originally planned.

More speed means you can enjoy more streaming, gaming and online learning on more devices at once, with less buffering.12

nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium

Homes and small businesses using nbn’s Sky Muster satellite service can now also enjoy more flexibility and freedom when using the internet.1, 3

nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium plans provide uncapped data usage for all internet activities, so there’s no need to worry about managing a monthly data allowance.13 Plus, with a choice of speeds now available on nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium plans, there’s more opportunity to find a plan to help suit your needs and budget.1, 13

Go faster on copper-based connections

For those on copper-based connections, have you explored our faster wholesale speed plans1 yet?

Whether you’re online gaming, working, streaming or learning, faster speeds could help turbocharge your online life.1

So, what are you waiting for?

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