Kangaroo Valley: The country town where ‘every day is a delight’

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Kangaroo Valley’s magic is best understood by its residents, who savour mornings shrouded in mist and evenings casting a golden glow over the valley. Its unique geography allows limited expansion, safeguarding the township’s quaint allure and highlighting the lush beauty of surrounding escarpments and rolling green fields.

A mere two hours from Sydney, its location strikes the perfect balance – far enough to justify a city escape but close enough to own a weekender. Though it feels secluded, it lies within easy reach of Bowral’s bustling community and Berry’s scenic shores.

According to Nicholas Dale, principal of Belle Property Berry, this strategic location not only enriches the lives of its residents but also steadily drives property value upwards.

Fitzroy Falls in Kangaroo Valley. Photo: Destination NSW
Fitzroy Falls in Kangaroo Valley. Photo: Destination NSW 

“Recently, mature couples from Sydney or Canberra have shifted their Kangaroo Valley homes from holiday retreats to semi-permanent residences, balancing life with their city pads,” Dale observes. “The town’s year-round appeal, with summer kayaking and biking, winter festivals and cosy fireside moments, plus year-round weddings, significantly influences this trend.”

Billy Hayes, manager of Kangaroo Valley Adventure Company, personifies the town’s adventurous spirit. Established in 1998, his family’s business leads in outdoor adventures. Notably, his father, Mike, hosted the BBC’s Life of Mammals series with Sir David Attenborough by scouting out locations of the platypus in the valley.

“Every day is a delight, with Kangaroo Valley as my office,” says Hayes. “Majestic sandstone cliffs and dense eucalypt forests offer constant inspiration, whether I’m leading hikes through the waterfalls and rainforest of the Upper River region or guiding overnight canoe trips on Lake Yarrunga through Morton National Park.”

Eat & Drink

Despite its quaint charm, Kangaroo Valley bursts with delightful eateries. Maddison’s In The Valley, nestled in a historic bank building, is known for its unbeatable bacon and egg roll and coffee combo. Then there’s The General Cafe, welcoming guests to bring their four-legged friends, either out the front or on their leafy back verandah. Sweet As satisfies sweet cravings, from chocolates and fairy floss to a refreshing gelato during warm summer days. Meanwhile, in Upper Kangaroo Valley, Yarrawa Estate Vineyard invites guests to enjoy wines and cheese platters amid breathtaking views.

The charming town centre. Photo: Getty
The charming town centre. Photo: Getty

See & Do

For outdoor enthusiasts, the chance to tackle mountain biking trails, bushwalking paths, and the waters from Hampden Bridge to Bendeela by kayak or canoe awaits in Kangaroo Valley. Wildlife lovers can also follow in the footsteps of Sir David Attenborough, observing the area’s diverse fauna, including kangaroos, platypuses, wombats, and echidnas. Meanwhile, the community vibe shines at The Friendly Inn, hiding a beer garden with breathtaking sunset views and a Pétanque court for friendly matches. Not forgetting the monthly Kangaroo Valley Farmers Market, an opportunity to stock up on local produce, artisanal goods, and gourmet treats.

Article by Pauline Morrisey

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