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At Work + Stay we are very proud to be supporting regional growth by connecting people with career opportunities in vibrant towns and cities across Australia’s regions. We know that driving regional growth is absolutely critical to ensuring our country thrives into the future. Regional workforce shortages are at critical levels with tens of thousands of jobs available in regional Australia. As of July 2023 there were 90k+ roles on offer, equating to $1.7 billion in untapped wages. These opportunities are available in some of our country’s most beautiful locations and employers are hugely keen to fill them.

With a 100% increase in job vacancies since 2019, there is a strong need for people across all sectors. Our regions offer exciting, professional roles that present real opportunities for career progression alongside some very enticing rural lifestyles.

As a social enterprise we are wholly committed to supporting the sustainable growth of regional communities through our unique recruitment and community connection offering. We connect professionals across Australia with exciting roles in regional towns and cities, and provide specialist settling-in support to ensure they form lasting connections in their new communities. We work predominately in the engineering space, a sector where there are significant job vacancies and a pressing need for skilled infrastructure professionals driven by widespread workforce shortages and recent flood and fire events.

Alongside helping with the logistics of a regional move, including housing, we work very closely with our candidates to ensure they are connected into their new communities, and enjoy smooth, sustainable transitions to regional living.

To do this we create partnerships with community organisations in every town we place candidates in. These organisations then work directly with newcomers to help them make social connections and settle into regional life. Many regional towns have a huge focus on inclusivity and connection for everyone who lives there, and we have seen an incredible commitment to ensure all new community members are welcomed and supported.

This has been reflected in the exceptional feedback we have received from candidates and employers. Our candidates say they have felt warmly welcomed and that our highly personalised approach has meant that their moves have been great experiences. Our employers say that our community connection offering is a real point of difference and has been critical in helping their new employees quickly integrate into regional living.

I have been fortunate to travel to many beautiful corners of the country in the course of our work. Every time I set out I’m reminded of just how much is on offer outside our metro centres. From bustling regional cities to quaint historical towns, rolling farmland, dramatic seascapes or the classic Australian bush there really is something for everyone. The lifestyle opportunities are amazing, the communities are thriving and there is much more going on than you might think!

We are very grateful for the Regional Australia Institute’s support in giving us the opportunity to share our work with their readers. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing real stories of people who’ve made the move, and are loving it. You’ll hear from Shiva and Chaitra in Birchip, Brett in Cobar, and Asad and Sana in Warren. These are just some of the families who have taken up opportunities to live and work in our regional towns and cities. These opportunities are ever-growing and we are delighted to be collaborating with forward-thinking organisations like the RAI who are working to amplify the immense potential that lies within our regions.

We welcome contact from regional employers seeking infrastructure staff, and from engineering professionals who are thinking of a regional move. While career opportunities are available to all engineers, Work + Stay offers specialist advocacy and recruitment support for overseas qualified engineers. If this is you then we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out using the details below.

Kate Sowden, Executive Director – Work + Stay

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