Reluctant relocator now trumpets Toowoomba’s charms

Never having to hear your neighbour’s television is one of the side benefits of moving from Brisbane to Toowoomba, according to Alison Blyth.

Living on a half-acre block, “you’ve got a bit of space, silence and privacy,” she says.

The mother of four reckons there are “a thousand reasons” why her family fell in love with the bustling Garden City, 125 kilometres west of Brisbane – but admits she was initially reluctant to make the move.

Alison and her family were more than content living in the tightly held inner Brisbane suburb of Gordon Park, overlooking Kedron Brook.

So when her husband Duncan got a job transfer to Toowoomba for the construction of the Second Range Crossing, the family stayed put, and he commuted each week.

After a year largely apart, however, the family took the plunge and shifted.

“You know when the universe gives you a little push to say, let’s do something different? And here’s the opportunity to do that,” Alison says.

Now you couldn’t tear Alison or her family away.

Duncan’s job was transferred back to Brisbane in 2019, but by then Alison had been “lucky enough to secure a job with Heritage Bank in Toowoomba, which meant we could stay.”

“There’s space to breathe, tree-lined streets of beautiful homes, ample shopping, fantastic cafes and markets, great schools within walking distance, sunrise on the escarpment, world-class mountain biking trails, and I could go on!” Alison says.

“We haven’t looked back. Toowoomba is an unbeatable place to call home and raise a family.”

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