Making a splash in Goondiwindi

Shannon Talty moved from Brisbane to the southern Queensland border town of Goondiwindi to test the waters in the regional job market and wound up on the water in her spare time.

Kayaking on the Macintyre River is just one of the side benefits of living in Goondiwindi, a well-established town where heritage buildings sit comfortably alongside street, laneway and silo art.

“I like how peaceful it is on the water,” Shannon says. “It helps me relax and unwind from a big week at work, while getting in some exercise.”

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Shannon made the move to Gundy after completing her law degree, thinking a regional firm would give her a taste of different fields of law which she might not get in a big city business.

Six years on, she’s an Associate in the law firm she first joined and couldn’t be happier.

“I am able to work for a company that delivers modern, high quality legal services and still enjoy a regional lifestyle with plenty on offer,” she says.

There are the annual events, Gourmet in Gundy and charity fundraiser Opera in the Gardens, along with regular live music, theatre, trivia events, picnic races and more.

“If you don’t have anything to do, you’re probably not looking hard enough!” Shannon says.

She says Goondiwindi has a young demographic, contrary to the myth that regional living is only for retiring types.

“While many locals leave to study in major cities, plenty return to live and work in the region,” Shannon says.

And she has no plans to leave, having moved in with her partner Liam whom she met through a friend at work.

“That’s probably cemented that I’ll be staying!” she laughs.

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