Growing a new life in Holbrook

Kelly and Tim Glass swapped grain trading and financing for mixed farming and horticulture when they #madethemove from Melbourne to Holbrook in southern New South Wales.

“Once we had our first child, it sharpened our focus to relocate to a region where we could use our education and expertise, without the hustle and bustle of city life,” Kelly says.

With experience in agricultural companies, Tim and Kelly were attracted to the diverse potential of Holbrook and weren’t shy about getting dirt under their nails.

They went looking for a farm, and wound up with a well-established nursery as well, which has given them the security of diverse income streams – and plenty of work.

They’re currently growing millions of seedlings for bushfire recovery programmes, as well as running sheep and growing grain across their farming aggregation.

“It was essential for us that we moved somewhere where our three boys could play freely outdoors and gain an appreciation of nature and agriculture,” Kelly says.

“The town of Holbrook has just the right blend of remoteness and access to facilities that we were looking for — schools, sporting activities and the availability of parts, service providers and local employees.”

Kelly and Tim are keen to build a business which their kids are interested in taking on, so a key focus is “getting the right level of technology,” Kelly says.

“We’re working as hard, if not harder than in Melbourne, but we are creating something for our kids and the environment.  The entire community has been welcoming and we are fortunate to live regionally.”

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