Engineering a new life

When Anil and his wife, Ruju, #madethemove from Sydney to Temora (north-east Riverina), NSW, he had no idea just want an incredible decision it would prove to be.

After securing a role in the engineering team at Temora Shire Council, the two of them packed the car and headed for the wide-open spaces and welcoming community of their new regional home.

A qualified engineer, Anil has found himself in a challenging role with excellent scope to broaden his skills, while working alongside supportive and collaborative colleagues.

“In Sydney, I always found myself feeling exhausted and often short of time. In Temora, our life is more balanced. Work is great and, when I’m not working, we have more time for relaxing and spending time together,” Anil says.

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Anil’s role with the Council sees him working with a variety of people from within the organisation, not to mention contractors and suppliers who partner with the Council.

“I knew that I wanted to move out of Sydney, but it had to be for the right role. When I came to the interview, I realised very quickly that it was going to be a great opportunity from a professional point of view,” Anil says.

“It has been a very positive experience. I am working in my chosen field and building on the knowledge I have gained in my previous roles.”

With an ever-growing number of professional jobs on offer right now in regional Australia, there are more and more people like Anil looking beyond the capital cities for their next career move. This trend has seen strong growth in towns and regional centres across the country, creating more and more opportunities for people such as Anil.

“We are lucky in Temora, there is a great hospital, the schools are really good and there are all the recreational facilities we need.”

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Anil’s wife Ruju is also working in her chosen field of dentistry, while studying at the same time to complete her professional registration. “I am very focused on my study right now, but the more time I spend in Temora, the more I am enjoying my life here,” Ruju says.

Anil and Ruju are both convinced that they made the right move and are very positive about their future. “I would highly recommend moving to a regional location. I really enjoy my new job and the lifestyle here is fantastic,” Anil says.

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