City lawyer embraces the country life in Broken Hill

For Steven Wright and his partner James Pollack, moving to the regional city of Broken Hill, NSW has been a winner. Their careers have flourished, they’ve made plenty of new friends and have the time and freedom for weekend adventures.

Steven had previously worked in Sydney, but has found that his current role is more impactful and satisfying. He is now the practice manager and solicitor at Legal Aid in Broken Hill and surrounding areas.

”The move to Broken Hill has been exceptionally positive from a career point of view,” he says. “There are a lot of things I wouldn’t have otherwise got to do in the city.”

Less lawyers in Broken Hill means that Steven represents a wide array of clients and gets to know them on a personal level. Once the case is closed, Steven says there’s nothing like bumping into old clients around town and really seeing the impact his work in court has made on their lives.

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Work / life balance has been another upside of living in a regional city.

“My commute means I no longer know current songs on the radio,” Steven jokes. “My commute takes less time than to play an entire song – that includes getting a coffee.”

Steven’s partner James works in the mental health space. He too has enjoyed the opportunity to work on more complex cases than a city-based role would offer. He is also studying his Masters in Social Work.

Life in Broken Hill has been a success personally and professionally for James. “Everything has been a plus and a positive.”

Other highlights for the couple include purchasing an affordable home, being involved in more activities outside of work, and regular pub nights where they know every patron.

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“The shared experience of living in a remote community means people are connected very very quickly.” Steven explains. “There are not many places in the world where you go for a beer at the pub and expect to sit next to a miner, a drag queen, a pharmacist, a retiree and a lawyer, who all come together and enjoy each other’s company.”

So how would Steven and James sum up Broken Hill in three words?

“Friendly. Welcoming. Diverse.”

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